CCNL (Cium Current Nig. Ltd.) is a leading wholesaler & supplier of display mannequins, assorted hangers, supermarket shelves, gondola shelves, garment racks, storage racks, trolleys, baskets, turkish ladies wears and so many other shop fixture products in Lagos-Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Our extensive ranges of mannequins, racks and shelves are designed and produced to the highest quality detail levels for customer satisfaction. We sell and rent shopfittings items at competitive prices. Call us today on 08162172215 or 08096548808 for your shopfitting needs!!!

The first impression of your retail outlet is your presentation and windows display, your first impression is your last chance. Dear prospective customer, studies have shown that shop owners who invest in shopfitting items like mannequines, racks, shelves etc are 5 times more likely to smile to the bank with higher sales figure than those that do not pay attention to this very important sales factor.

If you own a boutique/ fashion store, why not use our standard high quality mannequines which are your static sales men and women to add that difference and perfect touch to your outlet. Imagine the high cost of paying a live fashion model to display your garments everyday under the sun, rain or indoor. These fashion mannequines are by far cheaper than paying a runway model to display your garments. In addition to these sales persons, display your wears creatively with our multi-styled and brilliant garment racks.

If you have a supermarket, cosmetics shop, show room or bakery; forget about the wooden shelves made by local carpenters, jagged-edge shelves made by welders or weak shelves sold by novice/ unprofessional shopfitting shops, they do not bring out the professionalism in your business. Why not call us for a demonstration of how our smooth and high quality shelves are being setup and used.

We are passionate about exceeding the expectation of the customer and therefore our utmost priority is to make sure that your business is well presented to your customers and therefore flourish. If you think you are having a sales downturn, why not change something about your shop-fittings and if you are having goods sales, why not boost the figures by upgrading the looks of your shop.

On a more personal note our business is to help provide you with better and more competitive means of winning your customers. The better your shop-fittings, the better the perception your customers will have about your shop, the more your money will flow-in and the more your financial freedom. Make your shop work very hard for you today by creatively and adequately fitting them. We implore you to give us your shopfitting worries and go to sleep.

Why not pick up your phone and call us today on 08162172215, Lagos, Nigeria.

We can deliver nation wide at moderate fees via the available transportation routes (air, land etc).